CPA New Brunswick 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and CPD Opportunity

CPA New Brunswick invites you to attend its 2018 Annual General Meeting. This meeting will allow you to have a say in electing your Chapter's Board of Directors, as well as give you the opportunity to network with local CPAs.

Event Details

Location and date:
Saint John June 15, 2018 - 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. AST

CPA New Brunswick invites you to attend its 2018 Annual General Meeting. This meeting will allow you to have a say in electing your Board of Directors, as well as give you the opportunity to network with local CPAs.

Following the AGM, Susan Todd of Solstice Sustainability Works Inc. will talk to us about risks and opportunities in a changing climate. This free presentation will grant you two hours of Verifiable CPD.

The morning will start with a breakfast buffet at 8:00 and the meeting will start at 8:30.

About the session

The risk profiles and strategic positioning of organizations in Canada and around the world are being directly affected by global and local changes in temperature, extreme weather and the availability of water and other natural resources. A changing climate gives rise to a variety of organizational issues including operational, financial and strategic planning concerns.

Professional accountants have a critical role to play in how organizations respond in managing risk and opportunity and creating a more resilient organization. This session will show accountants how to recognize risks and opportunities of climate change and how their CPA competencies are relevant in responding to climate change. The seminar will be interactive. It will include a mix of large and small group discussion and case study work.

About the speaker

Susan Todd, B.Comm, MRM, CPA, CA is the Principal of Solstice Sustainability Works Inc. and a trusted advisor to business, government and not-for-profit organizations. She began her career as a financial auditor for KPMG in Toronto and Brussels, and then did her Masters in Natural Resource Management at Simon Fraser University. Since 1997 she has worked through consulting and training to elevate the practices of sustainability reporting and stakeholder engagement, and to embed sustainability in organizational strategy.  

Since 2013, her focus has been on building organizational capacity to address the impacts of climate change. She worked with a research team from SFU on a literature review for the Port of Vancouver on approaches to climate change adaptation. She has also led workshops for almost 500 CPAs across Canada to help them recognize the risks and opportunities related to a changing climate.

Susan has a particular interest in using natural assets/living green infrastructure to improve resilience. She led a workshop for the Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition on Green Infrastructure Asset Management.  She was also a co-sponsor of a submission to the Public Sector Accounting Discussion Group on accounting for urban forests.
Susan is also a Visiting Lecturer in SFU’s Beedie School of Business, teaching two upper year courses in sustainability.

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2.00 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

What a changing climate looks like. A changing climate means increased extreme weather, different temperatures and shifts in resource availability. These changes will affect multiple systems, from infrastructure to natural resources.

Impacts on organizations. Organizations face specific types of risks and opportunities in a changing climate, depending on their business model, location and other factors.
Role of the CPA professional. Session participants will learn how diverse CPA competencies relate to climate change adaptation.  

Examples of accountants engaged in adaptation. Based on best practices from a range of organizations, session participants will learn how accountants are using their expertise to help organizations adapt to climate change.

At the end of this course the participant should be able to:

  • explain, in general terms, what it means for organizations to adapt to climate change
  • identify the risks and opportunities that climate change poses to Canadian organizations in different sectors
  • recognize opportunities to use their CPA competencies in helping organizations plan for and manage climate change impacts’ risks and opportunities

Who should attend?

This event is only open to CPA New Brunswick members in good standing. Registration is required.

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Venue[s] and Accommodation[s]


Delta Hotels by Marriott Saint John
39 King Street, Saint John, NB E2L 4W3
t.:(506) 648-1981

Trinity Royal Room