Thank You to our Community Volunteer Income Tax Clinic Participants!

Following a call-out to all members in January, more than 115 CPAs, CPA candidates, and students from across the province offered to volunteer their time at free tax clinics in their respective areas across the province.

We are very grateful to the more than 115 CPAs, CPA candidates, and students who volunteered their time and expertise at free tax clinics in New Brunswick as part of Revenue Canada's Community Volunteer Income Tax Program.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and those from other associations across the province, nearly 24,000 free tax returns were filed on behalf of New Brunswickers with a modest income and a simple tax situations.

Our Volunteers

We would like to highlight the many volunteers who made this project such a phenomenal success:

  • Abiodun Oladele
  • Ablavi Mahinou (Leatitia)*
  • Adele Levesque
  • Akinyemi Sadiku
  • Allan Lynch
  • Amy Macadam
  • Amy Wesenberg
  • Andrea Flanders
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Anick Jean
  • Ankit Parashar*
  • Ann Veriker
  • Anne Jewett
  • Barry O'Laney
  • Boluwatife Okunnu
  • Bradley Smith
  • Brandon Conway
  • Brice Boris Tchitembo*
  • Cheryl Hasson
  • Cindy Jenkins
  • Colleen Johnston
  • Connie Young
  • Douglas Daye
  • Eric Doucet
  • Gilles Deveaux
  • Gina Giggie
  • Gregory Forsythe
  • Hassan Mansour
  • Heather Bouck
  • Holly Alward
  • Hui Jing Ye
  • Huimin Li*
  • Isabelle McIntyre Blanchard
  • Janice Nishikawa
  • Jared Burns
  • Jayden Mclaughlin
  • Jean-François Saucier
  • Jeff Marson
  • Jennet Dovletova
  • Jennifer Duplisea
  • Jessica Jamieson
  • Jessica-Jean Campbell
  • Jillian Porter
  • Jingyi Hou
  • Joanne Head
  • John Adebisi
  • Juanito Lapitan*
  • Julie Comeau
  • Julien Levesque
  • Karen Gibson
  • Kari-Lynn Lee
  • Keighan Whelly
  • Kelly Mackinnon
  • Kerrie Dollemont
  • Kirby Williston
  • Leanne Jeffries
  • Liette Landry
  • Lindsey Walker
  • Lori Macnaughton
  • Marc Bedard
  • Marielle Leblanc*
  • Marilyn Plourde
  • Maud Michel
  • Melanie Leblanc
  • Michael Asplet
  • Michael Maxan
  • Michael Mcsorley
  • Michael Owens
  • Mike Brennan
  • Mohamad El Chami
  • Mylène Lapierre
  • Nancy English
  • Natalie Moore
  • Nathaniel Boateng
  • Olamide Lawal
  • Oluwatosin Aina
  • Owen Green
  • Paul Landry
  • Ralph Seely
  • Rejean Leger
  • Ron Miller
  • Ross Berry
  • Sally Smart
  • Sandy Dalton
  • Sara Leblanc
  • Sean Bentley
  • Shane Chapman
  • Shrikant Mehta
  • Sophie Baiani
  • Stacey Stewart
  • Stacy Beers
  • Steven Mclaughlin
  • Sunny Khosla
  • Susan Mcisaac
  • Taiwo Sokoya
  • Tasha Ralph
  • Terry Pierce
  • Theresa Gordon
  • Tiffany English*
  • Tiffany Fawcett
  • Timothy Bennett
  • Tricia Goguen
  • Vanessa Galbraith
  • Vernon Thomas
  • Wendy Alder
  • Yanjun Wang
*CPA candidate or student

We also owe a very special thanks to Murielle Cormier, Admissions & Compliance Officer here at CPA NB, for her many hours of hard work on this project. Not only was she onsite at the Moncton location filing returns, but also working in the background to ensure that every i was dotted and every t was properly crossed!

Get Involved!

If you would like to become involved in this or similar future projects, please do not hesitate in contacting us by e-mail at!

About the Author

Mylène Lapierre, CPA, CA, CFE

Registrar, Senior Compliance Officer