Exam Proctoring Opportunity

CPA Atlantic School of Business is looking for people to assist with exam proctoring of its PREP and PEP exams.



About the Opportunity

Exams take place both through the week as well as on weekends and are written using Surpass SecureClient software. 

Proctors should have some level of comfort dealing with potential IT issues; a comprehensive troubleshooting guide and access to a help line will also be provided for all exam centers.

The primary role of exam proctors is to ensure the security and integrity of the examinations. 

What you'd need to do

Proctoring duties include but are not limited to:

  • Reading through all memorandums and instructions provided by CPA Canada for that specific examination
  • Arriving a minimum of 45 minutes early at the examination centre to ensure the set-up of the facility is up to standard
  • Sign-in and sign-out process on the day of the examination
  • Keeping CPA Atlantic informed of any issues with examination locations
  • Communicating directly with CPA Atlantic on the day of the examination session and providing attendance lists.
  • Following all instructions for examination process as outlined in the Administrative Handbook
  • Handling all examination materials on the day of the exam in a secure manner, storing, distributing, collecting and return shipping
  • Supervision of students during the exam process
  • Bringing a laptop that can access an external website where Surpass, the exam monitoring site, is located (wifi is provided at all exam centers)
  • Ability to accept the exam shipments in advance of the exam and ship them back afterwards
  • All proctors must sign the CPA Atlantic Code of Conduct in accordance with our Private Career Colleges status.
  • Proctors must promptly declare any potential conflict of interest problems (e.g., friends, family members being examination candidates) for a ruling by the CPA Atlantic staff overseeing the Examination writing. Depending on the relationship and other considerations, the person may have to step back for a period of time from involvement with the examination. It may also be appropriate for the individual's responsibilities to be changed for a period as a means of dealing with the circumstances. Proctors and IT proctors must sign a confidentiality agreement and a conflict of interest statement.

What you'd need to know

CPA Atlantic pays proctors $150 per exam sitting for exams that are three hours in duration and $200 for exams that are 4 or 5 hours in duration. 

Exams can be 3, 4, or 5 hours in duration. Note: only Day 2 of the Common Final Exam (CFE) is 5 hours in duration.

The preparatory course exam schedule can be found HERE.

The PEP course exam schedule can be found HERE.


If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact Leslie Murphy, Manager, Student Services, at CPA Atlantic at lmurphy@cpaatlantic.ca or at (902) 334-1172.

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