Call for Articles and Position Papers

CPA New Brunswick is seeking subject matter experts to write original articles, informed briefs, and position papers.

Call for Articles and Position Papers

With a broad objective of developing a repository of informative content for members and the public, CPA New Brunswick expects that content may be repurposed for website inclusion and other representations; serving also as a source of continuing professional development for CPAs and those interested in the profession.

Although CPA New Brunswick is unable to provide honoraria for publication of submitted articles and other works, if accepted and developed for external publication, your article (with your permission) may be published in online or other format identifying its origins and author(s).

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CPA New Brunswick’s goals are to guide today’s practitioners in a variety of settings, to inform the public, and to engage its vibrant constituency in thought leadership – and we require practical, current information from those having the first-hand knowledge and expertise – be it from a highly technical dimension or from a socio-economic policy perspective.

CPA New Brunswick is seeking proposals on all topics relating to accounting and business practice including issues that concern accountants, their clients and the employers they serve, and the general public.  

Proposal Guidelines

If you are interested in submitting a topic proposal for consideration, please note that CPA New Brunswick will respect the following process:  

1. Identify a topic in which you have subject matter expertise. A subject matter expert is typically someone who is a practice expert or knowledge broker in a particular subject area.

This may manifest itself, or be observable, in a number of ways including:

  • Highly regarded or recognized by their peers
  • Trained or certified in a subject area
  • In good standing with the professional body(ies) they are affiliated with
  • Published in a peer-reviewed journal
  • Served or serving in a leadership position at the local, provincial, or national level

2. Submit the proposed topic for review to Please include “CPA New Brunswick Article for Consideration” in the subject line of the email, and provide the following information:

  • The proposed title of the article/brief/paper
  • A short paragraph (2-3 sentences) summarizing the topic
  • A short needs statement describing why this topic is important for accountants and/or the public to know
  • Three measurable learning objectives
  • A brief content outline
  • A brief description of your expertise in this area
  • Your current resume including contact information
  • If possible, a writing sample (e.g., previously published article, newsletter article, position paper, or similar work in the accounting, business, policy development, or advocacy arena)

3. CPA New Brunswick will confirm receipt of your proposal via e-mail. Your proposal will be considered and ranked based on such criteria as communal appropriateness, industry relevance, timeliness, and prospective reach.

In addition, consideration of proposed articles may be influenced by such criteria as:

  • Documented or anecdotal need for CPD or public awareness in the topic area
  • The topic’s level of concern to practitioners, members, and the business community
  • Adaptability of the subject matter to broader business settings and government
  • Measurability of learning and advocacy objectives
  • Clarity of the proposal and receipt of all requested elements (#2 above)

4. If your proposal is accepted for development, a staff member of CPA New Brunswick will contact you to discuss your proposal. At that time, matters around CPA New Brunswick requirements, style, format, and submission dates will likewise be discussed. A professional headshot and biography will also be requested, along with any links to appropriate social media channels.

5. The first draft of your article will be due on a mutually agreed upon schedule.

6. The article/paper will be peer-reviewed and reviewer comments will be sent to you for review and possible revision.

7. The final version of the written work will be due not more than 20 days following the receipt of the reviewers’ comments.

8. The article will be copyedited by CPA New Brunswick and you may be asked to review changes suggested by the editorial staff. You will receive a copy of the final article layout.

9. Authors may be required to sign a disclosure statement outlining any relevant substantive relationships with any commercial interest.

10. Authors will be required to assign all rights to the material contained in the article, including claim to copyright, to CPA New Brunswick.

As a self-regulating professional body comprising of more than 2,200 active members, CPA New Brunswick is governed by the Chartered Professional Accountants Act of 2014, and accompanying By-Laws, Standards, and Policies and is overseen by an elected Board of Directors.

If you have additional questions, please e-mail Rock Lefebvre, MBA, FCPA, FCGA at


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