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Numbers power satellites, help us predict the future and serve as rules of thumb for retirement planning. And while numbers have generally proven useful, the same can't be said of the "magic numbers" on which we often base our retirement decisions.

Your decision to invest in a certain stock, asset class, or region should be based on your goals, how long you plan to invest, your risk tolerance and a host of other factors.

THRIVE 2018 is a day of professional development and networking for women. Whether you exercise your leadership in bold ways, or use your influence quietly to push your agenda forward, you'll benefit from connecting with other women in your community and gaining new insights from THRIVE's lineup of speakers.

The Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) annually offers its views on priorities for the federal budget. Review past submissions of pre-budget briefs and consultations, and post-budget release opinions and commentary.

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