Sunny Khosla

Sunny Khosla from RBC tells us why he's #CPAproud

I obtained my CPA designation in May 2018, and have never looked back!

I relocated to Saint John, New Brunswick from India along with my wife in 2018, and though already a licensed CPA in the USA when I arrived, I always had my mind set on obtaining my Canadian CPA designation, and I made achieving that goal my number one priority.

I always believed that my designation would allow me to expand my professional wings and help solidify my identity in a new country, and am a firm believer that when a newcomer relocates to a new country, he/she should update his/her credentials as per the regulations in that particular country - and I did exactly that. It opens so many doors, creates many new opportunities and also builds professional credibility. I feel so much more confident, now!

I am really proud of being a member of New Brunswick’s CPA community, and will be thankful to it for the rest of my life.

The Chartered Professional Accountant designation is so much more than just a title for me; it allows me to give back to the community in a very productive manner, and gives me the opportunity for me to make a positive impact in the lives of so many newcomers, as well as the people already living in New Brunswick.

I also believe that together as a community, CPAs can absolutely make a difference. Ever since my wife Ashima and I moved to New Brunswick, we have enjoyed every minute - and CPA New Brunswick has made a huge contribution in making this new journey successful for us!

If we are doing well today, in a new country where no one knew us when we arrived, CPA New Brunswick has played a great role. Now, we know so many people in our community and people know us. People actually recognize us!!

I take pride in being a CPA, and I would also advise newcomers, immigrants and students, GO FOR YOUR CPA DESIGNATION and you can experience the PRIDE that I am taking in being a CPA!

The professional world is open to you with its many opportunities once you achieve this. There is no shortage of options and sky really is the limit! Also, once you become one, DO NOT FORGET TO REPAY YOUR COMMUNITY!!

For me it’s all about giving back to our society and contributing to its growth. If our community grows, we will automatically grow with it. Always look at the bigger picture for a brighter future!