Renée-Claude Arseneau & Vanessa Haché

Besties Renée-Claude Arseneau and Vanessa Haché tell us how their friendship helped them reach their goals of becoming Chartered Professional Accountants

Renée-Claude Arseneau, CPAVanessa Haché, CPAVanessa and I met in grade 6 when we both started playing ringette. We quickly bonded and became best friends. We spent most of our time together, and both of us ended up choosing Accounting as our field of study.

We attended the same college and again, graduated alongside each other. Even though Vanessa decided to start her career immediately after and I decided to continue my studies at UNB in Fredericton, we never lost sight of each other and could not wait to be reunited, once again.

The funny thing is that upon graduating from UNB, I got a job at the same accounting firm as her. How awesome is that? I got to see my bestie everyday and she was able to transfer some of the knowledge she acquired by working for the prior 2 years to me. We were both hard-headed and wanted more out of our careers, so we jumped on the CPA study train together. What a ride that turned out to be!

I honestly believe that being together through this kept us both sane and also contributed to our success. Let’s be honest: frustration, fear, stress, tears, sadness and self-doubt were all very present during this process, but we stayed focused with the same hunger to be successful and let me tell you - the reward at the end of this was like no other.

On February 3rd, 2018, we graduated alongside each other for the third time, except at this point, we were 3. She will be welcoming a beautiful little girl into this world in April. Life can be a beautiful thing.

A few years ago, we never imagined this day would finally come, but we also never lost sight of our goal along the way. With determination, perseverance, consistency and hard work you can achieve anything!