Public Practice Name

What is allowed for my Public Practice or Professional Corporation name?

What can I use as my Public Practice Name? 

Pursuant to CPA New Brunswick Legislation, Public Accounting Firms have three years after September 1, 2014, to replace their reference to a legacy designation with "CPA" or "Chartered Professional Accountant."

Public accounting firms that were registered or licensed by a legacy body at September 1, 2014, will have to change their public practice name on or before August 31, 2017, to represent themselves as "CPA" or "Chartered Professional Accountant."  Any new firm registered with CPA New Brunswick post September 1, 2014, must use "CPA" or 'Chartered Professional Accountant" at the time of registration.

What is allowed for my Professional Corporation Name?

In accordance with By-Law 19.05, member or former member given names, initials, and surnames are to be used, followed by “Professional Corporation” or “P.C.” (or their French equivalents). The words “Chartered Professional Accountants” or the initials “CPA” (or their French equivalents) may be used. By-Law 19.05 also prescribes the order in which information is to be found in the corporate name.

Here are some examples of acceptable professional corporation name:

  • Whipp P.C. Inc.
  • N. Whipp P.C. Inc.
  • Nancy Whipp P.C. Inc.
  • Whipp Professional Corporation Inc.
  • N. Whipp & Associates P.C. Inc.
  • N. Whipp Chartered Professional Accountant P.C. Inc.
  • N. Whipp CPA P.C. Inc.
  • N. Whipp & M. Lapierre P.C. Inc.

While PCs need not include the terms “Chartered Professional Accountant(s)” in their name, if they choose not to, they are required to carry their public practice “under that descriptive style”.

The acceptable professional corporation names in public practice are:

  • N. Whipp Chartered Professional Accountant P.C. Inc.
  • N. Whipp CPA P.C. Inc.
  • N. Whipp P.C. Inc.,

Chartered Professional Accountant (under the descriptive style)

Note that a member can use a public practice name which differs from the corporate name, but if so, would be required to include the full corporate name on all letterhead, reports, financial statements and invoices issued by the PC (By-Law 19.07).

We also refer you to Rule 401 in the CPA New Brunswick Code of Professional Conduct, which sets out the requirements for practice names.

Rule 401 - A member or registered firm shall engage in the practice of public accounting only under a name or style which:

  • is not misleading;
  • is not self-laudatory;
  • does not contravene professional good taste; and
  • has been approved by the Registrar in a manner specified by the Board.

In addition, since September 1, 2014, public accounting firms registered with CPA New Brunswick shall only represent themselves using the designation "Chartered Professional Accountant" when signing and issuing assurance reports and declarations of any kind. Use of a legacy body designation is not permitted.

Finally, please note that the name that appears on your Professional Liability Insurance Certificate must match your Public Practice name so that your professional services will be covered in case of legal action.

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