Renewing a Professional Corporation

All professional Corporations must renew their registration with CPA New Brunswick each year.

To renew a professional corporation licence, a CPA member must submit a completed renewal form.  

If any changes have occurred in the professional corporation (such as the names of shareholders, directors, trustees and beneficiaries (if any)), the member must include a copy of the new or amended documents with the renewal form. Please see the “Amending an Existing Professional Corporation” page for more details.

Please note that the information collected will be used for the preparation of invoices for professional corporation licence fees covering the period of April 1st to March 31st of the current year. The invoices will be available to Members through the CPA Web Services Portal at the latest by February each year.

A new professional corporation license for the year will be sent to the Member once the professional corporation fees are paid.

Click HERE to download the Professional Corporation Renewal Form.