Membership Fees

2018-2019 Annual Membership Fees are due by midnight on Saturday, March 31st. Please visit this section for more information on how to access your invoice or pay your fees securely online.

All annual membership fees are due on or before March 31st of each year. You will receive an e-mail once your invoice is available on the portal.

A late payment fee of $100 must be paid for any failure to pay required fees by this due date. No refund of any portion of a fee paid to CPA New Brunswick shall be made (in accordance with the Fee Policy).



Membership and Other Fees definitions below.


Stay at the forefront of your profession by attending our province-wide continuing professional development programs. Select among convenient options, including online or in-person, three-day, four-day conferences, lunch sessions, web conferences, written materials and more.

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Let us speak for you. In matters of government policy and tax reform, we’re the only national organization that promotes your interest as a member of the accounting profession. We respond to government initiatives on your behalf to protect our profession’s core values.

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Seize important networking opportunities with leaders and colleagues from across New Brunswick while you develop your skills. Join local CPA Chapter events, and attend annual conferences that bring together members with common interests.

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Member Benefits & Affinity Programs

CPA members receive member preferential pricing on many products, services and activities across New Brunswick. Members also get exclusive savings for products and services, such as hotels, group home & auto insurance, group health & dental, etc. Preferred suppliers include The Personal, DP Murphy Hotels & Resorts, TD Insurance, Grey Matter Financial, Tempo Framing and more.

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CPA Source

Stay informed on leading trends in the accounting profession through our numerous thought-provoking publications, blogs, articles and more.

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Access popular online tools and resources designed with the busy public practice accountant in mind, our Public Practice site offers practical tools, information, tips and ideas to help cope with the concrete, day-to-day issues of running an accounting firm.

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Membership Categories

Active Regular Member

You are an active regular member if you reside in New Brunswick and the province of New Brunswick is the province that submits your national fees.

Active Associate Member

You are an active associate member if you reside in New Brunswick but the province of New Brunswick is not the province that submits your national fees.

Active Non-Resident Member

You are an active non-resident member if you do not reside in New Brunswick but you are a member and pay your provincial and national fees in another Canadian province.

Active Non-Resident International Member

You are a non-resident international member if you do not reside in Canada but pay your provincial and national fees through CPA New Brunswick.

Retired Member

You are considered a retired member if you were at one time qualified as an active regular member (as per the definitions above) and you are no longer in active employment.

Inactive Member

Inactive Members shall be those persons who are unable to maintain an Active or Active Associate membership due to temporary personal circumstances, such as medical leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, education leave, and care-giving leave.

For information on how to apply for a temporary reduction and/or waiver of annual fees, please consult the sidebar menu or click HERE.

Other Fees

Public Practice Fee

The public practice fee is payable by all resident and non-resident members/candidates who practice public accounting in New Brunswick, whether on a full-time or part-time basis.

Public Practice means “those tasks, services, and functions, as may be prescribed, performed by a CPA, and offered to or provided to the public” whether on a full-time or part-time basis, alone or in partnership with others, in respect of any one or more of the following:

  • performing an audit engagement and issuing an auditor’s report;
  • performing any other assurance engagement and issuing an assurance report;
  • a compilation, including a compilation of a financial forecast or projection, prepared while performing an external engagement service and the notice to reader communication is required as set out in the compilation engagement section(s) of the CPA Canada Handbook – Assurance;
  • accounting, insofar as it involves analysis, advice and interpretation in an expert capacity, but excluding record keeping; and ;
  • taxation, insofar as it involves advice and counseling in an expert capacity, but excluding mechanical processing of returns”

Practising Member means “a Member authorized by the Act, By-Laws, and Policies for a Public Practice or other regulated services and includes the Office of the Auditor General of New Brunswick and Office of the Auditor General of Canada and employees in those Offices”. 

Practice Leader means “any member with the authority on behalf of a firm to sign or issue an assurance report, audit report or compilation engagement communication or to issue an opinion or to provide advice or interpretation with regard to financial reporting and other regulated services including but not limited to taxation.”

CPA Member means “all CPA Members working in public practice in a firm/professional corporation of New Brunswick.”