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Formal learning meets radio theatre. An engaging, convenient and flexible way to complete your professional development courses. Create your own unique learning experience in an audio-only environment that gives you freedom from your screen while you listen and learn - anytime, anywhere.

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Formal learning meets radio theatre. An engaging, convenient and flexible way to complete your professional development courses. Create your own unique learning experience in an audio-only environment that gives you freedom from your screen while you listen and learn - anytime, anywhere.

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Ethics: Conversations in the Boardroom and in the Hallways
Instructors: Brian Friedrich, LL.M, MEd, C.Dir, FCPA, FCGA and Laura Friedrich, MSc, FCPA, FCGA
Length: 2.5 hours

Building a strong ethical culture doesn't just happen - it requires purposeful attention to set and maintain a tone at the top that represents a genuine commitment to corporate and individual responsibility. This tone also needs to permeate throughout all levels of the organization and lead to confidence in making decisions that reflect ethical values. In this two-part session, we'll explore decision-making in the boardroom and in the hallway, and look at ways to enhance an ethics-based culture no matter what your role is.

We'll be speaking with a range of seasoned business leaders who share their experiences in enhancing ethics throughout their organizations' infrastructure. Conversations in the boardroom will examine issues facing those charged with governance, including: managing the tone at the top; the benefits of diversity in the boardroom; the threat of unconscious bias; and learning from the experience of others. Conversations in the hallway explores the challenges of building an ethics-based culture through day-to-day activities and includes: ethical leadership at all levels; the importance of the "mood in the middle"; making talk about ethics the norm; and promoting and rewarding ethical decisions.

Ethics: Lies, Alternative Facts and Professional Skepticism
Instructors: Brian Friedrich, LL.M, MEd, C.Dir, FCPA, FCGA and Laura Friedrich, MSc, FCPA, FCGA
Length: 2 hours

When you read a headline online that says "Insanity: The Word 'Man' Is Banned At Princeton University," do you immediately think "That goes too far!"? Or is your first reaction "Really? That sounds like an author writing a sensational headline to generate traffic to their article."? As professionals, our clients and the public in general count on us to be the "voice of reason" and to show a healthy amount of skepticism. In fact, professional skepticism is one of the key underlying competencies supporting our ability to meet our ethical requirements.

In this session, we'll examine and de-bunk common examples of ways to present questionable or misleading messages. We'll talk about how to spot deceptions and out-of-context illustrations, and how to apply critical thinking to ask probing questions and sharpen our responses. We'll also explore the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants' proposed broadening of professional skepticism and judgment guidance for professional accountants, and how skepticism is a key part of the judgment we need as professionals to meet our ethical obligations under the CPA Code of Professional Conduct.

Leading People: Leading through Influence
Instructor: Russell Cullingworth, MBA (Strategy)
Length: 2 hours

In the words of author and business coach Ken Blanshard, “The key to successful leadership today is Influence, not Authority”. In this course, we talk to experts as we explore this concept of influence and why it is so important to long-term success in leadership.

This course will expand your understanding of this word “Influence” and provide you with a practical understanding and tools to improve your ability to develop interpersonal influence in leadership.

Leading People: Promoting Employee Engagement in the Workplace
Instructor: Monica Affleck, MA, CPHR
Length: 2 hours

There can be little doubt that employee engagement is an important issue for those in Human Resources Management and in leadership roles, and it is a topic of conversation in many organizations today.

Companies struggle with financial pressures and are trying to improve performance with fewer resources. Having committed and high-performing employees who freely give their discretionary effort is of critical importance; in fact, it is a competitive advantage that can set your organization apart from the competition.

In this course, you will learn about employee engagement best practices that you can apply directly in the workplace to help raise engagement levels in your organization.

Protecting your Client 1: A Professional’s guide to avoiding identity theft, fraud and cyber-crime
Instructor: Kelley Keehn, Consumer Advocate for the Financial Planning Standards Council.
Length: 2 hours

Award-winning and best-selling author, Kelley Keehn, will guide listeners through the ever-changing world of identity theft, fraud and cyber-crime. This course will teach you how to protect your client by identifying the latest scams, threats and trends.

You’ll learn the red flags along with real case stories and examples, so you and your clients can better spot current and future scams. This course will explore, in-depth, how to protect yourself from ID theft, how it starts, what the dark web is, how government and companies aren’t safeguarding your info, (and neither are we at times), how to quickly laser in on cyber scams, stay safe online and so much more.

Strategic Leadership: Acing your Strategy
Instructor: Russell Cullingworth, MBA (Strategy)
Length: 2 hours

This strategic planning course reveals the essential issues involved in strategy and planning, most often people issues. We all know a little about strategy, but do we really understand “Why” and “How” to plan effectively, and the human factor that often causes our planning attempts to fail? Using real-world examples, case-studies and discussions with experts, this 2-part audio course will provide an engaging and thought provoking look at why planning is so important and why most managers and leaders fail to plan effectively.

Strategic Leadership: Leading the Digital Workplace
Instructor: Robert Gilfoyle
Length: 2 hours

Digital technology (DT) is driving massive change in the workplace. Organizations of all types and sizes are investing in it to improve collaboration, increase productivity, and transform the customer experience.

This course covers the most critical knowledge and skills needed to become an effective ‘digital leader’ – someone who can thrive in a leadership role in this new and challenging environment. This course is engaging, practical, and features real-life case studies and interviews with internationally recognized experts.

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