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What is Le français en partage?

For the past 5 years, Lefep has been helping Canadian anglophones and immigrants integrate socially and professionally in Quebec. With us, you can acquire advanced and specialized French language skills so that you can reach your professional goals.

We can also help you polish your French in order to increase productivity, minimize communication errors, or even open new career opportunities. A valuable benefit for both employees and employers!

Lefep has created the first serious game for learning French, "Accounting, A Serious Game", geared specifically towards current and future accountants.

This course is part of a broader framework which aims to take advantage of new technologies and rethink the teaching practice by adapting it to the realities of adult professionals who are either currently working or looking for a position.

What is Accounting, A Serious Game?

Accounting, a Serious Game immerses a learner in a profesional and ludic environment in which he uses his knowledge to carry out a mission.

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