Practice Inspectors, CPA New Brunswick

Accounting / Finance / Regulatory



Title: Practice Inspector

Term: The term of a practice inspector is one inspection cycle [from July 1 to June 30] and is renewable upon mutual agreement by both CPA New Brunswick and the practice inspector.

Immediate supervisor: Registrar, Senior Compliance Officer, CPA New Brunswick


Practice inspectors are responsible for inspecting the members’/firms’ files to ensure compliance with the profession’s standards of practice according to the harmonized practice inspection program, and reporting to CPA New Brunswick’s practice inspection committee any reportable deficiencies of the practice reviewed.

In the course of an inspection, an inspector may:

  • Conduct inspections as authorized by the By-Laws and Policies
  • Interview any member, former member, student, CPA candidate, or employee of a Public Practice, in connection with any such inspection
  • Inquire into all matters which are referred to the inspector by the Practice Inspection Committee in connection with any such inspection
  • Require any member, former member, or employee of a Public Practice to provide any working papers, files, books, documents, records, notes or other information in his or her possession, custody, or control, or in the possession, custody, or control of any partnership with which the member, former member, or employee of a Public Practice, is associated or employed, in connection with any such inspection
  • Perform other related duties as requested by his immediate supervisor


  • Be a member in good standing with CPA New Brunswick
  • Be a member working in public practice
  • Experience with professional standards and matters relating to areas covered by practice inspections
  • Demonstrated ability at a senior level to apply professional judgment
  • Technical expertise
  • An interest in protection of the public
  • An interest in coaching members
  • Ability to explain technical material – verbally and in writing


  • Excellent oral communication (English and French)
  • Excellent writing skills (English and French)


  • Computer literacy to be able to work with tools commonly used in practicing offices (Excel, Word, various accounting software, etc.)


  • Accurate and detail-oriented
  • Confidentiality and discretion required
  • Strong sense of integrity
  • Highly organized
  • Professionalism

Travel within the province of New Brunswick is required for this position.


In compensation for the services provided to CPA New Brunswick, the Practice Inspector will be remunerated at a rate determined yearly by the Board of Directors plus applicable taxes for the time spent on a Practice Inspection and in preparing any report and documents relating thereto.

The Practice Inspector will also be paid for:

  • travel time on the road (actual hours) at a rate determined yearly by the Board of Directors plus applicable taxes;
  • other travel expenses, such as meals and kilometers, as per the Travel Policy.

For the purposes of the reimbursement of expenses set forth above, the Practice Inspector will prepare and submit an electronic travel expense report to the Senior Manager. The travel expense report will only be submitted once the practice inspection report has been provided to CPA New Brunswick.

The reimbursement of expenses will be completed and sent to the Practice Inspector in a timely manner following the receipt and review for completeness of the report and all other mandatory documents by the Registrar.

To Apply

Interested members may send a completed application form and their resume by email to Only successful candidates will be contacted.