Manager, Regulatory Affairs, CPA New Brunswick; Moncton

Regulatory / Compliance

About CPA New Brunswick

CPA New Brunswick is responsible for regulating the professional development of its members, and the protection of the public through its ethical standards and discipline process. CPA New Brunswick is also responsible for the training and certification of CPA Candidates. 

As a self-regulating professional body comprising of approximately 3,000 members and students, CPA New Brunswick is governed by the Chartered Professional Accountants Act of 2014 and accompanying by-Laws, standards, and policies and is overseen by an elected Board of Directors.

About the role

Reporting to the President & CEO, the Manager, Regulatory Affairs is responsible for various regulatory functions of CPA New Brunswick. In addition to recommending operating standards, protocols, policies and procedures, the incumbent responds to inquiries from candidates, members, colleagues, institutions, the community, and external agencies on complex policies and supervises, directly and indirectly, member affairs activities.

Monitoring compliance issues and concerns on an ongoing basis, the position ensures that the management, employees, and members are in compliance with the rules and regulations of the profession and that the conduct of the organization is befitting to its right to self-regulate, and its commitment to preserve the integrity of the profession and its obligation to protect the public interest.


Regulatory Affairs:

  • Respond to regulatory and highly complex inquiries relating to public practice from members and candidates
  • Ensure that Practice Leaders are in compliance with the requirements prescribed by the Public Practice Policy
  • Ensure that public practice information is available on the CPA New Brunswick website and that it remains current, accurate, and equally accessible in both official languages
  • Manage and direct activities emanating from international accreditation, Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs), and Reciprocal Membership Agreements (RMAs)
  • In consultation with the Registrar, administer investigation and resolution activities as: informed by the CPA Code of Professional Conduct, directed by the Professional Conduct Process, under the authority of the act, by-Laws, and policies of CPA New Brunswick
  • In keeping with the protocols of CPA Canada and provincial bodies, oversee acts and processes which accommodate and support CPA mobility and jurisdictional transfer
  • Inform and participate in the development of professional and practice standards governing the conduct and standing of members and of any associate or affiliate classes of membership, as from time to time, be sanctioned by the Board of Directors
  • Oversee the administration of the Pre-Approved Program Employers, directing letters of agreement to Program Leaders, and working in collaboration with the CPA Atlantic School of Business
  • Receive and consider recommended suspensions relating to non-compliance with CPD requirements or failure to remit member fees or other fees and to reject, mitigate, or confirm suspensions as prescribed in the act, by-Laws, and policies of CPA New Brunswick
  • Respond to all inquiries regarding professional liability insurance, taking appropriate action also for changes in public practice status of the member (i.e. cessation or retirement from public practice, 6-year discovery, tail-end coverage, etc.)
  • Ensure that professional liability insurance coverage obligations are available in public domain and that related information (including website) is current, accurate, and equally accessible in both official languages
  • Sit on, participate in, or otherwise direct and delegate CPA New Brunswick involvement on regional and national committees and task forces falling within the scope and expertise, regulatory, and compliance regime functions (ex. CPD Standing Committee, Member Advisory Services Group [MAS], etc.)
  • Advocate for the profession and promote the rigour of the CPA designation

Practice Inspections:

  • Meet with, support, and provide recommendations to the members of the Practice Inspection Committee which will meet not less than once annually for the purposes of reviewing (revising if necessary) the Practice Inspection Policy, identifying the practice inspections of public practice permit holders to be performed over the upcoming year, receiving statistical provincial and pan-Canadian inspection information (benchmarking), and the conduct of any other business coming before the Committee
  • Support the Chair of the Practice Inspection Committee and respond to any questions or concerns of Practice Inspection Committee members
  • Meet with Practice Inspectors not less than once annually to discuss recent changes in the inspection process, to confer on best practice, and to exchange other relevant information as may, from time to time, emerge
  • Work with and respond to questions and concerns of Practice Inspectors throughout the inspection process
  • Assign ratings to practice inspections performed relying on the findings of Inspectors and direct practice inspection reports to Practice Inspection Committee members
  • Direct the final version inspection reports to respective firms, and answer any questions relating to the inspection process
  • Working in collaboration with the Practice Inspection Committee, draft for the Committee’s consideration an annual Practice Inspection Committee Report ensuring to disseminate the final version in prescribed form and medium
  • Review and approve for payment invoices of Practice Inspectors and direct to Senior Manager, Operations for processing
  • Ensure that publicly available practice inspection process information (including website) is current, accurate, and equally accessible in both official languages
  • Maintain domestically appropriate professional standards prescribing technical competence, professional skill, values, and ethics including protocols and processes regulating the practice of public accounting
  • Respond to all professional and practice standards inquiries from members
  • Respond to, redirect, and refer accounting and assurance standards (ex. CAS, IFRS, ASPE, Review Engagement Standards, etc.) inquiries from members and the public
  • Collaborate with all organizational areas to facilitate and improve member service as it relates to the compliance functions of CPAs and candidates
  • Assist with researching existing and emerging regulations, standards and guidance documents and interpret changes to ensure all applicable policies and procedures are revised accordingly

Other Duties:

  • Support government, institutional, and academic relationships, promoting the advancement of the profession and the sharing of knowledge
  • Contribute to departmental plans and budgets by estimating, forecasting, and anticipating requirements
  • Manage reports, findings, correspondence and others documents of a confidential and sensitive nature
  • Create reports, summaries, and analysis in regard to compliance requirements and recommend changes to increase effectiveness and efficiency of compliance
  • Contribute to regulatory team effort to foster member compliance
  • Perform other related and ancillary duties as the circumstances may reasonably warrant


  • Post-secondary degree in law, commerce, business, or equivalent in related field
  • Professional designation (or working towards one)
  • Not less than three (3) years of experience in accounting roles, professional and practice standards development, and/or compliance environment
  • Good communication skills in both official languages
  • Strong comprehension of the construct and obligations of professional self-regulated bodies
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, Power Point)


  • Strong customer-service orientation
  • Above-average relationship building skills
  • Ability to work independently and within teams
  • Positive attitude, ability to adapt to change, and superior sense of accountability and responsibility over assigned objectives, outcomes, and records
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with other units/departments and cross-functional teams
  • Good conflict resolution, time management, and multitasking skills
  • Demonstrated attention to detail and accuracy
  • Strong problem-solving, communication, interpersonal, and analytical skills
  • High level of integrity
  • Fluency in French and English

To Apply

To apply for this exciting opportunity, please forward your resume and cover letter to Mylène Lapierre.