Fees Policy

Description: Updated; 2nd Release

Originated: CPA New Brunswick

Reviewed: CPA New Brunswick Staff  

Approved: CPA New Brunswick Board August 26, 2016

To download a copy of the Fees policy, please click HERE.


All annual membership fees, public practice fees and professional corporation fees are due on or before March 31st in each year pursuant to By-Law 3.01 of CPA New Brunswick.  

Other fees include admission fees, reinstatement fees, practice inspection fees, readmission fees and late payment fees. These fees are payable at the time of the triggering event.

CPA New Brunswick’s membership and other fees (as indicated above) are not refundable.


Every Candidate, before being admitted to membership in CPA New Brunswick, shall complete the membership application form, shall pay the admission fee and the annual fees for the current fiscal year, and shall sign the membership application form agreeing to be bound by the Act, the By-Laws, Policies and the CPA New Brunswick Code of Professional Conduct.

Annual membership fees for the fiscal year shall be prorated to the nearest month after admission into membership.


Before being entered in the Roster of CPA New Brunswick, every Professional Corporation shall complete the application form and fulfill all requirements as identified in By-Law 19.02 of CPA New Brunswick including payment of application and Licence fees.  

Licence fees for that fiscal year shall be prorated to the nearest month after admission into the Professional Corporation Register.


Chartered Professional Accountants transferring from another province or territory shall not be invoiced any current membership fees if such fees were paid in full with the transferring CPA provincial body for the year of transfer.  Proof of such payment will need to be provided.


In the event of non-payment of membership fees or any other fees, the following steps will be followed:

•    A notice of non-compliance will be sent advising the Member, Firm or Professional Corporation that should they remain non-compliant, they may be suspended. Furthermore it would indicate the timing of suspension and the ramifications of such suspension. The notice will also advise the Member of the deadline to become compliant;

•    In the event that the person who received the notice of non-compliance fails to pay the required fees within 30 days after the date of notice as mentioned in the section above, a suspension letter will be sent to the Member, Firm or Professional Corporation which describes the ramifications of being suspended and what needs to be done to be reinstated. The Member, Firm or Professional Corporation shall be suspended from the Register. The suspended Member, Firm or Professional Corporation may be returned to the Register in good standing by paying the required fees accompanied with the required reinstatement fees (By-Law 4.02).